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Drawing Outside The Line Hotel

Drawing Outside The Line Hotel

An intersection of LA culture and decades of Korean and Latino heritage, K-town is one of LA’s few 24-hour neighborhoods, and home to some of the best late night BBQ joints and karaoke bars. Since its opening in 2013, the LINE LA has been at the forefront of a renaissance as this 3-sq. mile section of LA has become a destination for urban explorers and creatives, near and far.

Nestled between Hollywood and downtown, those who stay in LINE LA overlook Koreatown from their impeccably designed room. Initially constructed in 1964, designer Sean Knibb paid homage to its mid-century roots when creating this boutique hotel experience. And while the rooms at LINE are beautiful, the true star of this hotel is its highly Instagrammable Openaire which serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner from inside a lush, urban greenhouse. 

The design is replete with burgundy mohair banquettes, baskets of fragrant plants like Jerusalem jasmine and rose geranium hanging overhead, and a marble bar that has been finished with mirrored details. The lobby area has been updated with Persian rugs, communal tables, mohair banquettes again, and a new site-specific installation created by designer Henry Taylor. A new mural, created by artist-in-residence Brendan Monroe, for the design shop Poketo’s storefront also brings a new energy to the space. The bar owes its comprehensive beverage menu to Happy Hour agency, a collective that’s locally known for their inventive cocktail pop-up parties. 

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Photography: The Line Hotel

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