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Otium: A Culinary Open House in Downtown Los Angeles

Otium: A Culinary Open House in Downtown Los Angeles

The sprawling city of Los Angeles has a rich history of architecture, art, and design. But on the surface, the second most populous city in the U.S doesn’t look like your typical design destination with ornate buildings and art in every crevice, like, say, San Francisco or Paris. But its misleading surface aesthetic makes the design gems it holds all the more exciting and satisfying.

Designed to be a social restaurant with an open kitchen connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, Otium has quickly become a downtown LA hotspot among Angelenos and touring foodies. Featuring a casual, inviting atmosphere with upscale finishes, the setting might seem simple at first glance, yet a closer look discovers careful thought given to the design details.

Photo: Jakob Layman

What makes the design of our dlg local so enticing?

The near 7,000 square-foot space was designed as an inviting space for gathering that would exist in stark contrast of its more austere neighbors. There is a strong connection from the restaurant to nature through the large glass curtain walls, green wall mural, and texturally through the rich material palette of walnut, hickory, ipe, handmade tiles, soapstone, decomposed granite, steel and copper. The centerpiece of the ground up design is the expansive kitchen which opens visually to the guests reinforcing the feeling of home, and comfort amid the surroundings of elegant rusticity.

The result is an artful mix of old and new, honest and refined, that echoes chef Tim Hollingworth’s menu’s offerings and a cocktail program. Like downtown Los Angeles itself, Otium has roots in the past and aspirations for the future.

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 Photography: Studio Unltd, Jakob Layman

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